Mix & Master Services

 Mixing Services by borisdaog 

(Starting at $125 USD per song)

• Experienced mixing to enhance the clarity, balance, and impact of your tracks.
• Up to 4 minutes long song and with 3 revisions.
(For longer projects tell me more about it in the form below)

 Mastering Services by borisdaog 

(Additional $50 USD per song)

• Experienced mastering to give your tracks a polished and cohesive sound.
• Overall clarity, loudness, and depth, ensuring your music sounds good on all playback systems.

 Guitar Solo For Your Song 

($150 USD per solo)

• Looking to add a guitar solo to your song? For $150 USD, get a solo of up to 30 seconds, delivered as processed & DI tracks.
For an extra $50 USD, receive a 4k video of the solo performance.

If you want to tell me more about your project and ideas,
feel free to reach out by filling out the form below.

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